Area 51: The Musical


In July of 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico, an alien spacecraft crash landed and was immediately snatched up by the U.S. Government.


Inside this spacecraft were three (3) alien creatures. The bodies of these aliens and the technology from the craft, have been used to bolster the US defense department, as well as provide American consumers with Wite-Out® and Post-It Notes®.

To this day, the United States denies the existence of their top secret base – known as AREA 51 – despite the fact that satellite photography has shown it.


I spent years and thousands of dollars, researching the truth about Area 51, and what goes on there. And I have decided that the most effective way to share this information with the world is through a three-hour musical spectacular.

I call it: AREA 51: The Musical.

It’s filled with showstopping numbers like:

New Mexico – New World


Probed By A Stranger

And the big romantic duet, Torn Between Two Worlds, sung by the alien captain and the laboratory assistant who sees him as something more than a science project.

This musical has it all…love, catchy tunes and an alien autopsy. It’s going to be the darling of Broadway.

I just need a little seed money to get the project moving.

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