GroCart Racing


It sure is amazing how quickly things can happen in this world.

Just this morning I was having a conversation with my neighbor Mr. Biggs, which prompted the following letter:




Stop & Shop

Pine Street

Bristol, CT 06010


Dear sir or madam,

My name is Kenneth Snipps and I need your help.

I was explaining to my neighbor Mr. Biggs about the sign you have outside your store that shows a compact car digitally altered to look like a shopping cart.  He told me that was no photo manipulation.  In fact, he said there is an entire subculture of people who spend all their time and money making their cars look like shopping carts and then racing them illegally inside grocery stores late at night.  It is called GroCart racing.

The competition is made even more challenging by requiring each team collect items from a grocery list – during the race. Teams consist of a driver and a grabber who hangs out the passenger window snatching things off the shelves. The events are hugely popular.

He went on to say that LOTS of money is spent gambling on the races, but he asked me not to tell anyone. So keep that under your hat.

What I want to know is when is the next race at your store?  Also, is it possible for me and my friend Toby to enter the competition in a red Datsun pickup with a tow ball?  We are pretty sure it will fit through your doors because we guesstimated.

Thank you for reading and responding to my letter.


Your friend,



Kenneth Snipps


When I brought the letter over to read it to Mr. Biggs, he said that he may have forgotten to mention that he and his brother actually invented GroCart racing.  They started the circuit and owned all the rights to the sport.  But he told me his brother tragically passed away recently following a long bout with foot fungus, and now Mr. Biggs wants to grant his brother’s dying wish to sell the rights to the sport they created at an incredibly discounted price.

He estimates the sport to be worth approximately $1 billion dollars.

ESPN has expressed interest in broadcasting the races.

MTV wants to produce a reality television show following the top teams in GroCart racing.

Vin Diesel has agreed to star in a movie franchise about the sport.

And the video game version is going to be bigger than Call of Duty.

GroCart 360


So when he said he would sell the rights to me for just $10,000 cash and no receipt. how could I refuse?

It’s so exciting to be a mogul.


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