Happy New Year from Forestville!


I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

The New Year’s Eve party was held, as always, at the palatial estate of John and Barbara Deavers. All of Forestville’s movers and shakers were present. Including me. But after last year’s fiasco when I was asked to be Ice Steward, they decided to give me a different job this year.

My duty at the party was the Sergeant at Arms (I tended the door). Zack Flanders, Forestville’s most dangerous man, arrived in his sleek, black, sports car, late as usual. I told him he was tardy and would not be allowed entry, but he just pushed his way past me, disappearing into the crowd.

Toby spent most of the night sitting in the corner, not blinking and eating tiramisu with his hands.

All night Barbara Deavers kept asking me if I wanted to Twerk. I told her between Facebook and Twitter I barely have any free time now, so no thanks.

Sparky was in charge of the fireworks display, which was stunning. Unfortunately the big finale caused the Deavers’ guesthouse to burn down. Later, Sparky became ill and vomited in the water fountain. He said it was the tiramisu.

At midnight, Barbara Deavers put her lips against mine for a New Years kiss, and then stuck her tongue in my mouth for like five minutes, while she waited for her husband John to notice.

Unfortunately he was engaged in a sword fight with Zack Flanders and didn’t see her.

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KennyHappy New Year from Forestville!