That siren you are hearing blaring east of the Pequabuck River is my version of the Emergency Broadcast System. The main difference being, while the EBS transmits on radio and television stations, I just shout my updates from my back deck. I also put them here on the Internet.


USA Today is reporting an asteroid, identified as 2014 DX110, is currently getting ready to wiz by the earth at about 3:30 PM, here in Forestville.

NASA scientists are saying it’s nothing to worry about.

Do you see this picture?


That gives me plenty to worry about.

Now it is true that this screaming fireball of death is passing at a mere 217,000 miles away from earth. But what happens if something jumps out in front of the asteroid while it’s texting, and then it needs to swerve? Can you imagine what would happen?  Well, if not, look at that picture again. LOOK AT IT!

This whole things has me vibrating with nervous energy.

I am heading down into the bunker.

Let me know if you want to join me.  I have snacks.

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