Ever since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed the television game show JEOPARDY!

It is a trivia show where you are given the answer, and must then supply the question.

Unlike so many other game shows that I would watch, Let’s Make A Deal, The Price Is Right, Maury, this one, hosted by Alex Trebeck, actually requires its contestants to know something.


Alex Trebeck seems pretty smart when he has the answers in front of him.


My friend Toby and I will sometimes watch an entire episode without knowing a correct answer. Toby told me sometimes he has to watch an episode “five or six times” before he can start getting some of the answers right.

Which is why I am surprised to learn that JEOPARDY! does not currently sell season box-sets of the show on DVD. Huh? Why not?

I think I need to draft a letter.

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