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It has been nine (9) years since I first mailed out this query letter, for what I maintain may be one of the best ideas I have ever had – or top ten at least.  Anyway, I think I am still waiting for a response to this one…which is frustrating since I included a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they could reject me at no cost to them. But perhaps they waited too long to say “no” and the postage rates increased.  I currently have Toby digging through boxes of old correspondence. If he locates a response, I will add it.

Anyway, here is the letter:


September 13, 2005

Sanford J, Greenberg Associates
Attention: Heide Lange
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Dear Ms Lange:

My name is Kenneth Snipps and I am writing to you today seeking representation for my book about Amelia Earhart, The Pilot Who Doesn’t Fly Anymore Because She Is Probably Dead.

The Pilot Who Doesn’t Fly Anymore Because She Is Probably Dead is a pop-up book for teenagers.  My research shows it should be a big hit.

Here’s just a sample of the things they will learn by reading my book:

– Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937 while trying to be the first person to fly around the world with boobs.

– Amelia Earhart probably kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.

-If Amelia Earhart were alive today, she would be dead because she would be really, really old.

A self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed because I heard if I forget one you will come looking for me.  I am just a small man with glasses, I’m not looking for any trouble here.

Thank you for reading and responding to my letter.


Your friend,




Other “teen-themed” pop-up books were planned.


“Just Say No to Drugs and Sex and Rock and Roll”

“Peter Tork: The Quiet Monkee”

“So You Wanna Be a Plumber?”





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