The Beatles Curse


The Beatles were one of the most successful musical groups of all time.  Their songs have been a part of popular culture for half a century.

While their songs often spoke of love – they used the word six hundred and thirteen (613) times- it is tragedy that has followed the band from the very beginning.

I call it: The Beatles Curse.

The Beatles began in 1960, playing German nightclubs while they honed their musicianship. Just two (2) years later they lost their first band member.


Stuart Sutcliffe was the original bassist for the band. An artist and musician, Stu died in 1962 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of twenty-two (22).

Then, in 1967, the band’s longtime manger Brian Epstein died of a reported overdose.


The next band member to die was Paul McCartney.


The exact year of his death is in dispute. Some say it happened as early as 1966, others say not until 1969. What is not in dispute is that Paul is dead.

I realize there are several people, including Paul McCartney, who deny this to be true. However, the evidence is quite compelling.


The exact details are still sketchy, but the general consensus is that Paul died in a car crash, and The Beatles initially decided to cover it up.

The reasons for the cover up are unknown. What is known is inside the dark laboratory located beneath Abbey Road recording studios, an exact replica of Paul was created and has been in use ever since.

At some point, guilt about hiding the truth from its fans began to haunt the group, and they began to secretly hide clues in their recordings.

The first “red flag” was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


On the cover of the album, behind Paul McCartney’s head is a raised hand. This is a sign of benediction – praying for Paul.


Also, Paul is holding an instrument called a Cor Anglais. It is an instrument used in classical music, not in a Lonely Hearts Club Band.

A Cor Anglais

A Cor Anglais

In the lower right corner of the photo, a little girl can be seen watching what appears to be a car, going over a cliff in flames.


Things get worse on the back.


The four Beatles are standing up, but Paul has his back to us.

On the inside gate-fold of the album is the final clue.


Paul is seated with his knees pulled up to his chest, the same way Egyptian mummies were placed following death.

Here is a photo of one such mummy, who actually has a Paul McCartney hairdo.

A mummy.

A mummy.

But the clues were not just in the artwork.

Listening to the songs, it became clear the band was sending messages.

One of the most beautiful and haunting songs of all-time is Strawberry Fields Forever. This song, written by John Lennon, recounts his childhood memories of growing up in a strawberry field.

At the very end of the song, you can clearly hear John say, in a sad, somber voice, “I buried Paul.”

People who deny the truth about Paul say that John actually says, “Cranberry Sauce.”

Yeah. Like that makes any sense.

The clues continue on all subsequent albums by The Beatles, culminating in the blatant symbolism of the band’s final record, Abbey Road.


In this iconic image is all the proof you need.

The four Beatles cross a road, and each one is dressed distinctly.

John leads the procession dressed all in white, like an angel.

Behind him, Ringo is dressed in the attire of a preacher.

Next is Paul.

He is barefoot, carrying a cigarette in his right hand – despite being left-handed. And unlike all the other band members, Paul is “out of step” with everyone else, leading with his right leg, while the others lead with their left. Dressed in a suit, he represents the corpse.

Finally, George Harrison follows “the body” dressed as a grave digger.

It’s all there, plain as day.

But sadly, the passing of Paul was not the end of tragedy in the band.


John Lennon would be killed in 1980.


George Harrison would die in 2001.

So who is the only one left?
Who remains untouched by The Beatles Curse?

The very man I believe responsible for it.

Ringo Starr.


He had motive. He had opportunity.

The facts of this article were all confirmed by my neighbor, Mr. Biggs, who told me he was the thirteenth (13th) Beatle.

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