The Great State of Ohio

I have been writing letters to people for a very long time.  But in all that time, I can honestly say I never got a nicer response than the one I received from the wonderful people of the state of Ohio.

Here is the letter I sent them:


Department of Commerce
77 South High Street
21st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6120


Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Kenneth Snipps and I need your help.

Several days ago I received a check in the mail drawn from an Ohio bank.  Because I do not own a car and my friend Toby’s red truck with a tow ball would not start, we braved the bitter cold temperatures and hazardous snow conditions and walked to Ohio from my home here in Forestville, Connecticut, to cash the check.

Toby and I arrived on a Sunday mid-morning, happy and tired only to discover that the bank was closed!  Huh?  What gives?  Everything else was open.

I was looking forward to standing in line and watching the hustle and bustle of the bank so I was very, very disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong we enjoyed the scenic views on the Ohio River Scenic Byway, but we were not there to look at miles and miles of green trees.  We were there to exchange a piece of paper for money.

My neighbor Mr. Biggs said it is common in situations like this for a Certificate of Appreciation to be issued acknowledging our efforts.  However, we are not walking to Ohio again so please mail it to my post office box here in Forestville.  I am not there right now but I will be when I pick it up.

Thank you for reading and responding to my letter.

Your friend,



Kenneth Snipps


This was their response:

Banks Closed Sunday 1 of 3 Dept of Comm OH March 2014(1)

I got pencils! I got magnets!! Do you know how much I love magnets? I used two (2) exclamation points, that’s how much!! Plus I got a button, a bookmark and a reflective vehicle decal!

But all of that pales in comparison to the remarkable, original artwork, commissioned specifically for us.

Here is the limited edition (1 of 1) crayon and ink drawing depicting the travels of Toby and I.

Banks Closed Sunday 2 of 3 OH Dept of COmm March 2014

My one-of-kind drawing from Ohio artisans.


Here is the back of the artwork…

Banks Closed Sunday 3 of 3 Dept of Comm OH March 2014

This is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

Ohio has now skyrocketed up the top of the chart of “Kenneth’s Favorite States that Aren’t Connecticut.”

Thank you, Ohio.

If I am ever forcibly evicted from Forestville, I would like to call Ohio my home.


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KennyThe Great State of Ohio