Things Mr. Biggs Told Me: Volume IV

I love creating pamphlets. Whenever I have a sufficient collection of interesting facts, I bundle them together into a pamphlet and distribute them to my fellow citizens. I feel it is my civic responsibility. I have been doing this for years.

I have created pamphlets about Watergate, UFO’s, How To Use A Public Toilet, The Forestville Hum, and proper techniques for stalking Sasquatch.

For those who are interested, a complete collection of my pamphlets is available for viewing at the Manross Memorial Library in Forestville, Connecticut. Partial collections also exist at the Bristol Public Library and Avon Free Public Library, in Connecticut.

My friend Toby also has a significant collection, but he insists on keeping it “private” and not letting anyone see it.

The newest publication is Volume IV of the on-going series called, “Things Mr. Biggs Told Me.” Mr. Biggs is my neighbor and he always has the most incredible facts to share with me.


If you have read this pamphlet, I hope you enjoyed it.

Here is the promotional trailer my friend Toby made for it:

Download it here:
Things Mr. Biggs Told Me: Vol. IV

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KennyThings Mr. Biggs Told Me: Volume IV