Traveling with Furry Friends

Anyone who loves pets knows it can be difficult to travel with them.  That is why I am thrilled to have received correspondence from the nice people at Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Their place is right on famous Route 66, which is the way I go to Area 51 from Forestville.

I am in the process of planning another trip, and decided to contact some motels along the way and ask them about a pet request from Toby.

Here is the letter I sent them…



Blue Swallow Motel
815 E. Route 66
Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Kenneth Snipps and I need your help.

I will be traveling with a small entourage to your area very soon and I am considering a reservation in your hotel. However, I have a question.

What is your policy on pets?

My friend Toby has a pet bee named Buzzy that he is very fond of. During the day Buzzy is always on a leash and at night he sleeps in a tiny cage. Is this a problem?

Also, do you have a conference room or an area “out back” where Buzzy can fly around and stretch?

Please let me know soon so I can make the appropriate plans.

Thank you for reading and responding to my letter.

Your friend,



Kenneth Snipps


Yesterday, through my website, I got this response…


From: BlueSWallow Motel <>

Subject: Buzzy’s Visit

Message Body:

Hello Kenneth,

Nancy and I wanted to write in response to your letter of 17 April, 2014 to let you know that we would be happy to have Buzzy here for a visit.  We are short of bees here in New Mexico, and need the honey.


This is such a relief!

Finally I can start worrying about something else.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Blue Swallow Motel.  We will see you soon!



Kevin, Nancy, Cameron, and Jessica of the historic Blue Swallow Motel.


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KennyTraveling with Furry Friends